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Solve broken pipes, damaged appliances, rain damage, sump pump failures, sewer backups, and any other damage caused by water. We can also remove wet and damaged materials, and we clean and dry any salvageable materials to prevent the growth of mold and further damage to the property.

Fire Restoration

We’ll handle damaged material removal, content cleaning and storage, content photo documentation and inventory for insurance claims. We’ll also list what’s damaged, salvageable, and cleanable, as well as what needs to be replaced or is non-salvageable. We also provide structural cleaning and deodorization services, as well as general contracted rebuild services.

Mold Remediation

Contact us to handle assessments, inspection, and testing (our testing is performed by a third party). We offer HEPA clean and antimicrobial application, HEPA air filtration, and the removal of non-salvageable materials.

Property Damage Minimization

We remove personal property and/or move it out of harm’s way. We also assess damages and contain or clean personal property when needed.

Insurance claims management

We’re proud of our experience helping homeowners navigate the claims process. We’re advocates for homeowners and provide written estimates and inspection reports to allow a smooth claims process. We also photograph and document losses to create a seamless insurance billing process.


Even if we aren’t doing the restoration, we can create a damage assessment report for clients to submit to insurance companies for “professional evidence” of damages.


Sometimes hidden water causes unseen damage. We use our special meters and noninvasive instruments to find hidden moisture and inform the homeowner and insurance company of the damages and causes. Most moisture after a water loss is unseen, not only in materials but in the air. High humidity can cause secondary damage to materials not directly affected by the water.

Subcontractor relations

We have developed relationships with trusted partners who uphold Springrock’s standards so that you can trust the work we do.

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